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Region VI representatives and/or State Presidents should be prepared to present their Dollar Per Child Campaign report during the Region VI Board Meeting at the 2013 NHSA Institute in Washington, DC.  States and individual programs will also have an opportunity to give their reports at the closing session of the NHSA Institute.    

The Region VI Goal is $127,100. Click here for a breakdown of funded slots by State and Program. 


State Total ACF Funded Slots
AR 11,087
LA 21,279
NM 7,887
OK 14,194
TX 72,653
Total 127,100


For more information on the campaign, please contact, Lusi Ortega at . Each State President should provide Ms. Ortega with a contribution report prior to the NHSA Institute.


With your help:

We can ensure that the voices of more than one million low-income children and their families are heard!


What is the Dollar per Child Campaign?

NHSA’s goal is to raise $1 for every child enrolled in Head Start. The Dollar per Child campaign specifically supports the National Head Start Association’s advocacy activities. This year’s campaign runs until June 2013.


How were Dollar per Child funds spent in the past?

  • NHSA was instrumental in securing ARRA funds for program improvements and additional slots for children in 2011.

  • NHSA led the effort to add the ARRA slots in perpetuity.

  • Our efforts to mobilize local programs and supporters resulted in increased funding for Head Start and Early Head Start in 2012.

  • NHSA has been instrumental in placing Letters To The Editor and Op-eds in national and local media to raise awareness of Head Start and Early Head Start.

  • NHSA works actively with grassroots efforts to educate Members of Congress about the importance of Head Start and Early Head Start in local economies.

  • NHSA created a strong and thoughtful effort to heighten awareness of Head Start with the “One Window of Opportunity” video and 27 Million Windows campaign.


What can you do to help make Head Start voices heard?

Head Start employees can contribute with a payroll deduction. Parents can collect personal donations at parent meetings.

Invite friends and families to contribute. No amount is too small!

Organize a fundraising event. Local programs and state and regional associations have raised money through sporting events such as walk-a-thons, dance-offs, and bowling contests; special events like fairs, bake sales, and raffles; and the sale of promotional items like buttons, stickers, and pins.




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